fresh & light Ling Cod on greens

A cool and refreshing salad will leave you wanting more. Succulent cast iron panned ling cod marinated in lime juice, garlic, herb de provence, salt & pepper.

2 lbs Fresh New Zealand Ling Cod
Few cups of fresh mixed greens
Herb de Provence
Olive Oil
Salt & pepper
Red Bell pepper
Shredded carrots

1. Plate salads individually– Lay a generous layer of mixed greens, chopped red bell pepper, shredded carrots and salt and pepper the salad.

2. Marinate fish for about 15 minutes before cooking. Salt and pepper both sides of fish, rub minced garlic on fish, sprinkle herbs de provence and squeeze fresh lime juice. Set aside.

3. Heat cast iron pan on high for 10 minutes before cooking (pan should sizzle when you put fish on pan). Lightly coat with olive oil and place marinated ling cod on pan. Cook about 6 minutes on each side. Place fish on bed of salad garnish with cilantro and generously squeeze fresh lime juice on salad.

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  1. Greets, good post! I will keep reading your homepage 😉


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